Google Analytics 4: The Revolution!

Are you feeling a little apprehensive about making the transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? You’re not alone. The new version of Google’s analytics platform has been making waves since its release in late 2020, and for good reason. With a revamped interface and a host of new features, GA4 promises to provide businesses with even more powerful insights into their website and app data. But how do you make the transition without losing valuable data or causing disruptions to your existing analytics setup? Let’s take a closer look. Understanding the Differences Between GA4 and Universal Analytics The first thing to understand is that GA4 is not simply an update […]


SEO tips are what you need right now.In fact, SEO has changed in 2022, it’s harder than ever, but a proper strategy still works. SEO seems to get harder as the years go by, with more updates and unlimited variables added to the Google algorithm. While you need to know the newest changes, you must also have a fundamental understanding of the basics too. In this post we’ll go over the building blocks of SEO, and dive into the future strategies that you can implement today, to stay ahead of the curve. Let’s get started with simple SEO tips yet effective recommendations to improve your ranking on search engines like […]


Local SEO in 2019: in today’s competitive business atmosphere, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an integral element in the growth and success of many enterprises. Digital is the name of the game, and companies are investing significant sums of money and time into local digital marketing so that they can edge out their competition. A company will start with setting its foundations based on dependency on a single geographical region, from which it will catapult itself to have a global outreach. That is the smart strategy to take when thinking of having a robust online presence for your company – start locally to gain a global outreach. And that […]


Search Engine Optimization in 2019: where should we start?2018 was quite an eventful year for SEO. There were a number of algorithm updates, advancements in AI, changes in the SERPs, the implementation of GDPR, as well as an increased focus on the Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness (EAT) of content. Search engines are increasingly becoming more intelligent. Google can now respond to queries directly on the results page, and there’s an ever-increasing number of voice-activated search queries. Now is the time to start evaluating the progress made in 2018, determine the key trends that will affect the SEO landscape in 2019, and recalibrate your SEO strategy to maximize your ROI. So, […]