As more people use ad blocking, the decline in traditional television viewership and increased media consumption fragmentation – especially among Gen Z and millennials – Twitch is fast becoming a powerful channel for advertisers and marketers to reach out to and engage their audiences. In this article, we’ll be looking at how to make Twitch marketing work for you. Twitch is a unique platform that provides incredible support to content creators all around the world, live streaming their musical skills, DIY projects, games, cooking recipes, you name it. Last month alone, consumers across the globe watched of 850 million hours’ worth of content in the platform. As such, Twitch is […]


Marketing tips for you: every month, hundreds of thousands of new businesses launch. Unfortunately, the majority of these businesses never manage to get off the ground. If a business isn’t able to attract customers or clients, it won’t be able to turn a profit. The best way to build up a business is through marketing. Smart marketing strategies will help you connect with customers so that your business won’t shut down before it gets started. These tactics are ideal for marketing a new business. Start Marketing Early You shouldn’t put off your marketing efforts until after you have a product to sell. You’ll see much stronger results if you start […]