Line Advertising: Use the #1 social media to enter the Japanese market!

Have you heard about Line? You might miss an essential piece of your Japanese marketing strategy if you didn’t. TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube are increasing their reach with the Japanese audience but Line remains the most popular social media platform in Japan. Line? What is this? Do you know WhatsApp or WeChat? Well, Line is pretty much the same! (or at least some aspects of it) Line is well used in Japan as it is a reliable messaging app to chat and call with your friends and family but also because it possesses unique funny stickers, an integrated payment system, news, games, a social media interface, and more unique options. […]


Dear reader, you came here to find more information about advertising in Japan, to check what is trending or not, or you got lost! Worry not, you came to the right place. The marketing scene in Japan is changing a lot and it is interesting to keep an eye on the upcoming trends.Fact is, just like in many other countries, the influence of the Internet on Japanese society is getting bigger in recent years. In 2019, the online advertising expenditures in Japan exceeded that of TV advertising for the first time. Let’s have a deeper look at what’s happening in Japan! Comparison of Online and TV advertising expenditures It makes […]


E-commerce in Japan is growing a lot in the last few years. If you are thinking about selling products in Japan using E-commerce (EC) platforms, it is a great time to enter the market. In 2019, the domestic sales in the Japanese B-to-C market increased by 7.65% (from 18.0 trillion yen/approx. 164 billion USD to 19.4 trillion yen/approx. 177 billion USD.) Due to the pandemic, the Japanese online shopping market is growing even faster. The survey shows that before March 2020, people who shopped online less than once every 2 months accounted for 27%; however, from April to July 2020, 26% used EC websites once a month. Popular products on […]


So you decided you want to do business in Japan? Very well. You are certainly right to do so as: Japanese people have high purchasing power Japanese people focus on quality over price: they are not scared to pay a high price for something proven to be worth. What can be successful in Japan has a higher rate of success in other Asian countries Regardless of the status of your company (this will be the subject of another article), we will see some important steps to follow to succeed in your Japanese journey. Market Analysis The most important part before jumping in is to identify different things: Strength – Weakness […]


Which one should you be using for your business? So, you finally decided to move on and conquer the Japanese market for your business? That’s great! Japanese consumers tend to have a high purchasing power and will pay the price if your product/service is good enough. Also to be known, if your product is successful in Japan, you will have a higher chance to be popular in other markets from East Asia as the country is seen as a trusted trial by others. Good right? Problem is, competition is fierce and you will need to be as close as possible to your final client.Being everywhere can be a waste of […]


Target Market Strategy is the concept behind our 5th marketing case study and today we will be analyzing a website! So original right? But something simple to learn here: adapt your content to your local audience. In fact, the audience interested in your products or services might not have the same exact profile and you will probably need to know how to adapt your message to each audience. This is why we are talking about the Japanese monster company Rakuten but more specifically: Rakuten Travel. What is Rakuten Travel? Rakuten Travel is a subsidiary of Rakuten, one of the world’s largest internet service companies, and acts as Japan’s largest online […]


Japanese consumers are special. The last few years have seen consumer trends change in Japan. People are not spending money the way they used, which is most obvious with the younger generations. And this piece of information is critical for any corporation that has any hopes of entering the Japanese market with success. More specifically, corporations have to take note of the generation gap that speaks directly to consumer spending. The truth is that Japanese customers have a deep appreciation for physical and established businesses. But it gets more complex the deeper you go, hence the reason for understanding these 5 important factors for better odds of success. 1. Adapt […]


When you talk about Japanese social media, it can be hard to come with clear ideas on where to start.While social media can be hard to navigate no matter which country you are operating in, in Japan, it can be tremendously challenging to navigate the social media realm. On this article, I will explore for you the social media space, giving you the top tips you can use to succeed. It is well known that Japan has a huge proportion of aging citizens. This creates unique dynamics with regards to the usage and perforation of social media. In general, the Japanese population has been less interested in social media than […]