TikTok for Business: Leverage the most trending platform in 2022

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TikTok, have you heard of it? If it is not the case, where have you been these last few years? Some people like the platform, some others hate it but everyone agrees that the phenomenon is here and it might stay there for quite some time! TikTok: What is it? TikTok is a platform or social network for smartphones, both Android and iOS, to share short videos, ranging from 15 seconds to a maximum of 180 seconds. Users legally share videos of any kind with music, voices from movies or famous actors, and even their own voices. Other users can, if authorized, share your videos with a response called a […]

Line Advertising: Use the #1 social media to enter the Japanese market!

Have you heard about Line? You might miss an essential piece of your Japanese marketing strategy if you didn’t. TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube are increasing their reach with the Japanese audience but Line remains the most popular social media platform in Japan. Line? What is this? Do you know WhatsApp or WeChat? Well, Line is pretty much the same! (or at least some aspects of it) Line is well used in Japan as it is a reliable messaging app to chat and call with your friends and family but also because it possesses unique funny stickers, an integrated payment system, news, games, a social media interface, and more unique options. […]

5 Marketing Trends that will define the market in 2022 and the near future

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What are the major marketing trends to follow in 2022? Here are 5 trends you should keep an eye on. First marketing trend to follow in 2022: Super Followers Recently, the notion of “Super Followers” has appeared. Social media are now an integral part of a good marketing strategy. Moreover, Social Selling, selling via social networks, has experienced strong growth during the Covid-19 epidemic. In 2021, Twitter launched a new feature that allows some users to monetize their accounts. The feature named “Super Follow” allows users to pay for access to exclusive content. Twitter presents this new possibility as a way to allow the most engaged subscribers to help their […]


Since 2020 and the Covid pandemic, the adoption of digital-related practices has accelerated dramatically. And 2021 has been a confirmation of that. Krows Digital will let you take a look at the key digital marketing trends that will mark 2022. 1. Short videos TikTok has disrupted social networks by removing statuses and tons of photos in favor of short videos. It didn’t take long for other platforms to follow this trend: Instagram launched Reels and Youtube launched “shorts”. Short videos influence the way we consume. They emphasize the need to create simple, specific messages and engaging content, prompting the audience to participate (learning a new dance, completing a challenge, taking […]


Dear reader, you came here to find more information about advertising in Japan, to check what is trending or not, or you got lost! Worry not, you came to the right place. The marketing scene in Japan is changing a lot and it is interesting to keep an eye on the upcoming trends.Fact is, just like in many other countries, the influence of the Internet on Japanese society is getting bigger in recent years. In 2019, the online advertising expenditures in Japan exceeded that of TV advertising for the first time. Let’s have a deeper look at what’s happening in Japan! Comparison of Online and TV advertising expenditures It makes […]


In this series, we always talk about successful marketing cases but there are also things to learn from failed strategies. Today, we will discuss the Pepsi TV ad from 2017 starring Kendall Jenner as a strike leader imitating the Black Lives Matter movement… Yes, you can guess from the start it was probably not a great idea. The Commercial Posted on YouTube by Pepsi, the ad shows attractive young people holding milquetoast signs with nonspecific pleas like “Join the conversation.” The protesters smile, clap, laugh, hug, and high-five each other. In the ad’s climactic scene, a police officer accepts a can of Pepsi from Kendall Jenner, a white woman, setting off […]


Do you know what is Brand Equity? This is definitely what every brand that wants to grow on top of any market needs to seek. In fact, brand equity is the combination of 5 components: Brand Awareness Brand Association Perceived Quality Brand Loyalty Proprietary Assets or Uniqueness So for this week’s marketing case study, we will talk about one brand with powerful brand equity, I named Rolex! What is Rolex? Rolex is a watch manufacturer founded by Hans Wilsdorf. Yep, not “Hans Rolex” as you could have imagined! Indeed, Wilsdorf registered the brand Rolex in 1908. He simply wanted a name that was easy to pronounce in any language. Also, […]


Have you considered creating a niche market for your business? In a way, this is an alternative to the Nintendo Blue Ocean Strategy we have talked about previously.Think about it, you just created a new brand and right away, you have to face giants that have been in the market for way longer than you. So, how can you fight?Create a smaller market, your own kingdom, and be the king (or queen, no judgment here!) of it! The niche market strategy is a common strategy for many businesses, yet a great one used by many giants like Nike or Apple when they started.Today we are talking about Etsy, the story […]

GoProマーケティング戦略–オーディエンスに自分自身を表現させましょう! –マーケティングケーススタディ#7

Hello marketing aficionados, I hope you are finding great ways to manage your time and invest in your business or yourself during these complicated times. Earlier, I was thinking about which brand I will be talking about today. Then, I was thinking about purchasing a GoPro Hero 7 to use for my live streaming sessions on Twitch (another story but I am a Gamer and I like to go around Tokyo with my camera and discuss with my followers).The idea was there: let’s talk about the GoPro’s success story! But wait, I already talked about Red Bull previously… Isn’t it kind of the same type of company? Extreme sports, cool, […]


Oh gosh, I hate these fruits… They are everywhere and I have seen them in commercials and on social networks since I was studying at university. Fruits? Indeed, today I’m talking about fruits but not any random fruits, Oasis Fruits!If these fruits are today’s marketing case study it is because, as much as I am tired of seeing them, they are the core of a powerful viral marketing strategy to increase Oasis’ brand awareness. What is Oasis? Oasis is a popular refreshing non-carbonated soft drink owned by Orangina Schweppes and distributed/manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company in some specific countries like England and Ireland. It is mostly a European-based drink. The […]