5 Marketing Trends that will define the market in 2022 and the near future

marketing trends in 2022

What are the major marketing trends to follow in 2022? Here are 5 trends you should keep an eye on. First marketing trend to follow in 2022: Super Followers Recently, the notion of “Super Followers” has appeared. Social media are now an integral part of a good marketing strategy. Moreover, Social Selling, selling via social networks, has experienced strong growth during the Covid-19 epidemic. In 2021, Twitter launched a new feature that allows some users to monetize their accounts. The feature named “Super Follow” allows users to pay for access to exclusive content. Twitter presents this new possibility as a way to allow the most engaged subscribers to help their […]


Since 2020 and the Covid pandemic, the adoption of digital-related practices has accelerated dramatically. And 2021 has been a confirmation of that. Krows Digital will let you take a look at the key digital marketing trends that will mark 2022. 1. Short videos TikTok has disrupted social networks by removing statuses and tons of photos in favor of short videos. It didn’t take long for other platforms to follow this trend: Instagram launched Reels and Youtube launched “shorts”. Short videos influence the way we consume. They emphasize the need to create simple, specific messages and engaging content, prompting the audience to participate (learning a new dance, completing a challenge, taking […]


Dear reader, you came here to find more information about advertising in Japan, to check what is trending or not, or you got lost! Worry not, you came to the right place. The marketing scene in Japan is changing a lot and it is interesting to keep an eye on the upcoming trends.Fact is, just like in many other countries, the influence of the Internet on Japanese society is getting bigger in recent years. In 2019, the online advertising expenditures in Japan exceeded that of TV advertising for the first time. Let’s have a deeper look at what’s happening in Japan! Comparison of Online and TV advertising expenditures It makes […]


Have you considered creating a niche market for your business? In a way, this is an alternative to the Nintendo Blue Ocean Strategy we have talked about previously.Think about it, you just created a new brand and right away, you have to face giants that have been in the market for way longer than you. So, how can you fight?Create a smaller market, your own kingdom, and be the king (or queen, no judgment here!) of it! The niche market strategy is a common strategy for many businesses, yet a great one used by many giants like Nike or Apple when they started.Today we are talking about Etsy, the story […]


Let us present you a new series of short articles: Krows Digital Marketing Case study! In this series, we will present to you a business, its target audience, and competition, but also what make them so special or efficient.We hope it can provide you with some insights into your own business! For today’s marketing case study, let’s talk about Tesla’s website. What is Tesla? Formerly Tesla Motors, the company managed by its CEO, Elon Musk, is best known for its electric cars. The company is also known for working on sustainable energy with solar panels and integrated renewable energy solutions. Tesla’s Competitors Based on Investopedia article, major competitors for Tesla include traditional auto companies […]


Over the past few years, the most significant change when it comes to using social media has been a massive increase in how many videos are shared and watched. Although most of that has been individuals sharing videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms, there has been a significant surge in live streaming as well.    Gaming is a niche that attracts support that are fairly tech-savvy. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that gamers have been taking to live streaming faster than most other niches. For games, their favorite streaming platform is Twitch. It does take very long for influencers to show up on a platform. They include many […]


As more people use ad blocking, the decline in traditional television viewership and increased media consumption fragmentation – especially among Gen Z and millennials – Twitch is fast becoming a powerful channel for advertisers and marketers to reach out to and engage their audiences. In this article, we’ll be looking at how to make Twitch marketing work for you. Twitch is a unique platform that provides incredible support to content creators all around the world, live streaming their musical skills, DIY projects, games, cooking recipes, you name it. Last month alone, consumers across the globe watched of 850 million hours’ worth of content in the platform. As such, Twitch is […]


Local SEO in 2019: in today’s competitive business atmosphere, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become an integral element in the growth and success of many enterprises. Digital is the name of the game, and companies are investing significant sums of money and time into local digital marketing so that they can edge out their competition. A company will start with setting its foundations based on dependency on a single geographical region, from which it will catapult itself to have a global outreach. That is the smart strategy to take when thinking of having a robust online presence for your company – start locally to gain a global outreach. And that […]


Being able to successfully market your business in today’s highly competitive landscape is crucial. Without a clear ability to market your business to the right audience, you risk losing out on a lot of potential market share to your competition. One of the single best ways to ensure that you are able to effectively market your business is by hiring a professional marketing company to assist you. Hiring a professional marketing consultant is one of the best things that you can do for your business because it can enable you to maximize your chances of succeeding in a tough and growing competition. Along with this, it can help in other […]