We learned how to setup Google Ads previously, now it is time for you to understand how to do Google Ads optimization! Furthermore, if you don’t know what to choose, for your business, between Facebook Ads & Google Ads, we already talked about that here:Online Advertising: Facebook or Google Ads? All setup? Let’s get it started. Why And When To Optimize Your Google Ads Campaigns Optimizing your ad campaigns is mandatory to increase your results while keeping the same budget. In fact, for the same amount spent over a week, one campaign well optimized can have a higher number of Clicks, a higher Click-Through-Rate, and a higher Conversion Rate than […]


Facebook Ads is all about being visual and creative! After rocking on Google Ads, it is time to talk about the other advertising giant: Facebook Ads! If you have no clue what is the difference between these two advertising channels or don’t know which one is the best for you, read this article: Online Advertising: Facebook or Google Ads? Facebook Ads allows you to focus on many objectives you may have for your business. Some of you will need to increase the visibility of their products, others will need to create engagement (social interactions like sharing or commenting) around your content, get more Page Likes, people to visit your website […]