Dear Twitch streamers (and you too YouTube Live & Mixer streamers) we love you. You are the content creators of the 2020s.As we actually receive more and more emails on how to grow on Twitch, we decided to write a guide! We will present you the best ways to grow organically (meaning without using any paid advertisement) your Twitch channel. What this guide is not! Be aware that growing a channel from 0 to Affiliate and then to Partner is a long and hard road. Only a few become Partners and can seriously think about living from their stream incomes.We will give you the best ways to grow but there […]


Over the past few years, the most significant change when it comes to using social media has been a massive increase in how many videos are shared and watched. Although most of that has been individuals sharing videos on YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms, there has been a significant surge in live streaming as well.    Gaming is a niche that attracts support that are fairly tech-savvy. So it shouldn’t be too surprising that gamers have been taking to live streaming faster than most other niches. For games, their favorite streaming platform is Twitch. It does take very long for influencers to show up on a platform. They include many […]


As more people use ad blocking, the decline in traditional television viewership and increased media consumption fragmentation – especially among Gen Z and millennials – Twitch is fast becoming a powerful channel for advertisers and marketers to reach out to and engage their audiences. In this article, we’ll be looking at how to make Twitch marketing work for you. Twitch is a unique platform that provides incredible support to content creators all around the world, live streaming their musical skills, DIY projects, games, cooking recipes, you name it. Last month alone, consumers across the globe watched of 850 million hours’ worth of content in the platform. As such, Twitch is […]