Japanese Search Engine Marketing

Enter one of the most complex market with Krows Digital

Our team composed of Japanese native marketers will support your marketing efforts on the Japanese market.

Google Ads or Yahoo Japan Ads?

No need to choose, we work with both!

Both search engine have strong presence in Japan.
Decide to leave one search engine behind might lead to lost opportunities.

Google Search Ads 360 to rule them all!

All-in-one marketing platform for higher performance

Krows Digital can integrate both Google Ads & Yahoo Japan Ads into Search Ads 360. This will allow your campaigns to:

  • Use the same machine learning algorithm to optimize both your campaigns at the same time
  • Keywords bidding control from one place: less confusion, more action.
  • Easy to read reports: by using Google Data Studio we can provide you reports including both search engine campaigns so you can quickly understand the results and compare performance.

On-going Ad Management

From scratch to on-going optimization, we are there for you.

Regardless of your progress in the Japanese market, we can take care of all processes regarding your ad campaigns:

  • Market research: keywords, competitors, opportunities analysis
  • Ad copies creation
  • Keywords optimization: bidding and keywords updates (negative keyword listing or switch the match type)
  • Other optimizations including: ad schedule, gender, location etc.

Display Ads & Retargeting?

Of course, we can help you there as well!

Retargeting can be truly effective to bring back to your website visitors who quit before converting (purchase, subscribe, contact…).

  • Conversion tracker: let’s install it
  • Audience: we create custom audience to target with your display ads
  • Banner creation:  from translation to full creation, we handle design.

A transparent and precise advertising management service

Ongoing optimization of your Search Engine Campaigns to provide you the best for your budget.


We don't start blindly.
We will analyze your business, market & competition in order to figure out the best strategy to increase traffic and conversions for you.


Based on our market analysis,
we will develop a strategy to increase
the probability of success for your ads.


Our search ads and banners are created in a way to follow the correct keywords, audience and landing pages.

International Advertising

Advertising in Japanese
(and English if necessary)


Daily & Weekly Optimization
to keep high performance going.

Performance Report

We create unique reports for each of our customers to help them understand what is happening and to let them make their own opinion.

Don't waste more time and let's discuss!

Not decided? Why not reading some full tutorials

We believe that we can help you getting high performance out of your ads.
Yet, feel free to start yourself with the following tutorials we created for beginners.

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