From Insight to Impact: How Data-Driven Digital Strategy Boosted PCI Pharmaceuticals' Market Entry in Japan

Client: Argentum Wealth Management / Industry: Financial Services / Date: 2018 – Present / Services: Search Engine Advertising, Social Media Advertising 

About Argentum Wealth Management

Argentum was established in 2007 as an independent financial advisory firm to provide the highest level of financial planning and wealth management advice to professionals living and working outside their home countries. With branch and representative offices in Seoul and Hong Kong, they advise clients living all over the world. Argentum Wealth Management is also member of the Japan Investment Advisers Association and licensed by the Japanese Ministry of Finance.

Services Provided

Paid Ads Management (Meta Ads and Google Ads)

Audience targeting and segmentation

Ad Copy Creation and Optimization

Continuous Campaign Performance Analysis


  • To refine and execute a digital advertising strategy that resonates with expatriates in Japan.
  • To generate high-quality leads by enhancing online engagement.
  • To optimize advertising budgets for better ROI.


  • Sustained year-over-year increase in qualified leads, with a 35% rise noted in the latest reporting year.
  • Consistent improvement in engagement metrics across all digital platforms.
  • Enhanced ROI with a 25% reduction in overall advertising spend due to refined targeting and optimization strategies.

key metrics

Key metrics measure the effectiveness and efficiency of their digital marketing efforts in Japan.

Qualified Leads in 2023
0 +
Higher Interaction rate in 2023 vs 2022
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Krows Digital


  • Conducted detailed analysis to understand the financial behavior and preferences of expatriates in Japan.
  • Identified key demographic and psychographic segments to tailor the ad campaigns effectively.
  • Developed engaging and informative ad copy, tailored to the needs and interests of the expatriate community.
  • Implemented a diverse range of creative assets for both Google Ads and Meta Ads to test which formats resonate best with the target audience.
  • Launched and meticulously managed ad campaigns across both platforms, focusing on high-engagement periods and relevant content.
  • Utilized real-time data to make adjustments aimed at maximizing visibility and engagement.
  • Employed advanced tracking tools to monitor campaign performance and user engagement.
  • Regularly refined targeting and bidding strategies based on performance data, maximizing efficiency and reducing waste.
  • Provided comprehensive monthly reports to Argentum Wealth, detailing progress, insights, and areas for future enhancement.

Krows Digital’s expert management of Google Ads and Meta Ads campaigns has significantly elevated Argentum Wealth’s profile among expatriates in Japan, driving substantial business growth through targeted, effective, and engaging digital advertising. This case study exemplifies how specialized marketing strategies, aligned with client-specific needs and market conditions, can yield exceptional results in highly specialized sectors.

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