Masha and the Bear's Social Media Triumph in Japan

Client: Masha and the Bear Japan / Date: 2022 – Present / Industry: Entertainment / Services: Social Media Management and Content Creation

About Masha and the Bear

Masha and the Bear, a beloved children’s TV show, aimed to expand its fanbase in Japan, targeting young viewers and their parents. Recognizing the growing influence of social media on content consumption, the show sought to establish a strong presence on Instagram and TikTok to engage with its audience more effectively.


The main challenge was to build and grow a vibrant, engaging social media presence from scratch, particularly on platforms like TikTok, where the show had no prior presence. This required strategic content creation, community management, and consistent engagement to attract and retain followers.

Services Provided

Content Creation and Organization

Instagram and TikTok Account Management

Community Engagement and Support

Performance Tracking and Optimization


  • To significantly increase follower counts on Instagram and TikTok.
  • To create engaging, culturally relevant content that resonates with Japanese audiences.
  • To foster a strong online community through active engagement and interaction.
@mashaandthebearjp EP.33 「あまいせいかつ」 マーシャはキャンディーを食べすぎて、むし歯ができちゃった😢あまいものを食べた時はしっかりと歯を磨きましょうね🦷✨マーシャみたいに痛い思いをしちゃうぞ😅 #マーシャとくま #うちのマーシャ #mashabear #mashaandthebear #masha ♬ オリジナル楽曲 - マーシャとくま 日本語版【公式】 - マーシャとくま 日本語版【公式】


  • Instagram followers surged from 800 to 396,000.
  • TikTok account grew from 0 to 736,600 followers, with over 2 million likes.
  • High engagement rates across both platforms, leading to increased brand visibility and fan interaction.

key metrics

Key metrics measure the effectiveness and efficiency of their digital marketing efforts in Japan.

Instagram Followers
0 K+
TikTok Followers
0 K+
Likes on TikTok
0 M+

Krows Digital


  • Developed a comprehensive content calendar featuring culturally relevant themes and trends.
  • Created visually appealing and engaging reels, stories, and posts tailored for Instagram and TikTok.
  • Leveraged popular hashtags and challenges to increase content visibility and engagement.
  • For Instagram, focused on Reels, kid games and draws to attract parents and caregivers’ engagement.
  • For TikTok, produced fun, interactive videos featuring characters and snippets from the show to appeal to younger audiences.
  • Actively monitored and responded to comments and messages to foster a sense of community and encourage interaction.
  • Organized interactive activities, such as contests and Q&A sessions, to maintain engagement and excitement.
  • Utilized analytics tools to track the performance of posts and campaigns.
  • Made data-driven adjustments to content and posting strategies to maximize reach and engagement.
  • Provided regular reports to the Masha and the Bear team, highlighting growth, engagement metrics, and strategic recommendations.

Krows Digital’s dedicated management of Masha and the Bear’s Instagram and TikTok accounts has resulted in phenomenal growth and engagement within the Japanese market. By crafting culturally resonant content and fostering an interactive online community, Krows Digital has successfully elevated the show’s social media presence, turning followers into loyal fans.

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