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gopro advertising

GoPro Marketing Strategy – Let Your Audience Expresses Itself! – Marketing Case Study #7

Hello marketing aficionados, I hope you are finding great ways to manage your time and invest on your business or yourself during these complicated times. Earlier, I was thinking about which brand I will be talking about today. Then, I was thinking about purchasing a GoPro Hero 7 to use

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Viral Marketing – Oasis & the Be Fruit Strategy – Marketing Case Study #6

Oh gosh I hate these fruits… They are everywhere and I have seen them around commercials and social networks since I was studying at university.Fruits? Indeed, today I’m talking about fruits but not any random fruits, Oasis Fruits!If these fruits are today’s marketing case study it is because, as much

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global standardization strategy

Marketing Case Study #5: Rakuten Travel – Target Market Strategy

Target Market Strategy is the concept behind our 5th marketing case study and today we will be analyzing a website! So original right? But something simple to learn here: adapt your content to your local audience. In fact, the audience interested in your products or services might not have the

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facebook ads tutorial 2020

Online Advertising basics: Facebook Ads Tutorial Part 2: Website Traffic & Conversions

After a pretty long Facebook Ads tutorial Part 1 about setting up your Business Account, creating Page Likes & Post Engagement ads, we will focus now on Website Traffic & Conversion ads.Certainly the most important type of ad if you are expecting people to visit your business website and/or to

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