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We do translations from and to: English, French, Spanish & Japanese!

Professional Translation From Expert Native Speakers

From a simple article translation to your full website, Krows Digital is there for you.

Thanks to a multicultural team, Krows Digital will help you with your content in English, French, Spanish, and Japanese. 

Forget the so so translations from Google Translate.

Our marketing agency focuses on high-quality translation, natural and fitting your audience.

Choose a language and a style and we will write the most accurate translation.

Don't hesitate to contact us for any translation inquiries. You can reach us for simple and short translation or for more complex translations.

So what are you waiting for?

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A translation fitting your expectations

For all types of content, we provide all types of services!

Krows Digital provides a professional translation service from and to French, English, Spanish, and Japanese.
The translation options are numerous:

- Personal or business later

- Video

- Book

- App

- Website

- Online services

- Song

– …

Translation fees

Take into account that base price can increase following one of these criteria

- Number of words

- The complexity of the subject (technical wording or medic terms for example)

- If the original content is not on text format but included instead on a picture, sound...

- Length

- Additional work (required search, table integration, keyword SEO, etc)

- App integration

Pricing Examples

English to French Translation

by a French native speaker
$ 0
Per Word

*For a non-technical translation.

English to French Translation

Over 5,000 Words
$ 0
Per Word (-10% over 5,000 words)

*For a non-technical translation.

English to Japanese Translation

by a Japanese native speaker
$ 0
Per Word

*For a non-technical translation.

Custom & Specific Requests

for specific demands & higher volume orders
Contact us for specific demands

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