5 SEO Tips to implement in 2022

SEO tips are what you need right now.
In fact, SEO has changed in 2022, it's harder than ever, but a proper strategy still works.

SEO seems to get harder as the years go by, with more updates and unlimited variables added to the Google algorithm. While you need to know the newest changes, you must also have a fundamental understanding of the basics too.

In this post we’ll go over the building blocks of SEO, and dive into the future strategies that you can implement today, to stay ahead of the curve.

Let's get started with simple SEO tips yet effective recommendations to improve your ranking on search engines like Google or Bing!

1. Optimising your site

The way google reads your website is through your meta tags, and content. These are two core areas that need optimizing if you want google to know what your site is about. You can also optimize your internal links, page speed and mobile compatibility to improve your SEO.

Regarding your Page Speed, I invite you to type down your URL at GTMetrix. This free tool will let you know the speed & the size of your page. It will also locate where you might have some problems. Just have a look.

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Not too bad! But we might need to improve our YSlow Score one of these days!

2. Promote content

Google also analyses your site based on outside links that point to your pages. These “backlinks”, as they are called, are links that point back to your site. Sharing your content on blogs, forums, social media, and everywhere online, will help build this web of backlinks that Google loves. Links from high-value sites like Wikipedia or government websites are even more valuable since those sources are considered more “important” to google.

You can track your backlinks (and competitors...) with this great website: Ahrefs. Just use the free tool to see where your backlinks come from.

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Pay attention to your Domain Rating (DR) which gives a score between 1 and 100, 100 being the best. Try to have relevant traffic from high-ranked domains.
And don't worry if your DR seems low. If your website is focused on a niche, you should not expect to have a super high DR but something between 20 and 60.
NB: Just to say, a website like Bloomberg is at 92 so don't expect to be Bloomberg!

Continuous content strategy

You should talk about your niche and business as much as possible. Every related topic should be discussed, so google can keep reading more relevant content on your page. The more content you have about your niche, the better. With this strategy, you can also start internally linking relevant posts. When one post links to another, it builds the back-end ‘web’ of your site and makes your whole domain stronger for SEO.

Using a website like Ahrefs, you can use the backlink checker to see what backlinks your competitors have, check them, and maybe ask the best backlinking websites to give you a link to your website. How to depends on you and the related website.

Eyeballs: The Magic Behind Keywords

There are many articles that talk about keywords, but many of them miss the important subtleties. In today's world, Google cares more about natural language, so you have to think about what your customers are searching for. Most people focus on the top keywords in their niche, often two or three-word phrases like “London Flower shop”.

Instead, hunt for longer keyword phrases that your customers might be searching for. Keywords like “Buy red roses in London” will get more targeted visitors and less competition on these longer keyword phrases.

No idea? Type your main keywords on LSI Keyword Generator and check if there are any relevant long-tail keywords to use!

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We typed "Flowers London" and you can see that we have many suggestions.

3. On-page SEO

There are many ways to improve your site's on-page SEO, from optimizing keywords to speeding up your pages and making them mobile-friendly.


You must add meta descriptions and titles to all of your pages using your top keywords and the longer phrase that you’ve found. Optimize the higher-level pages with the main keywords and the subpages with the relevant longer phrase keywords. Optimize every image with ALT tags, and make sure your meta description reads well for a human as well, as this shows up in the google rankings.

The metadata is typically what you see on a Google search: title & description.

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The way you modify your metadata really depends on your CMS (WordPress, Shopify, Wix, Joomla...)


Add as much relevant content to your site as possible, using the longer keyword phrases that you’ve targeted as subjects of the pages you write. The more content you have on your site, the more Google can read what you’re about and put you in front of more searching eyeballs.

This exact article is made to be listed for "SEO" keyword optimization! Talk about SEO-inception...


On each of your pages, you should interlink to other pages. One example of this is the menu, but you can hyperlink any keywords on any page with other pages of your site. Look for places in the content where you’ve used a key phrase that could be its own subject. Then create a new page on that subject, and link the key phrase with the new page you created. the more you do this, the bigger and more well connected your site becomes.

An example? You can contact us here. This link connects to another page of this website so it is an interlink!

4 - Off-Page SEO

There are good and bad ways to optimize your off-page SEO. Many people focus on collecting backlinks, but most of these links are of very poor quality. You should focus on the higher quality but rarer types of links. Here are three sources that you can use to collect high-quality links.

Guess Blogging

Search for bloggers in your niche that accept guest blogs by typing into google “Your niche + Guest post” or “write for us”. You’ll find thousands of blogs that want writers, and you can reach out to them with your content ideas and get a few guest blogs. Every blog you write will link back to your site, and these will be high-quality links.

You can also search journalists looking for sources at HARO - Help A Reporter, every day journalists need sources from experts in different industries: finance, marketing, HR...
Take the time to check the daily questions and if you have a good answer for a question: send an email with a detailed answer to have the chance to get a free link from these journalists.
Takes time but it is worth it.

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Influencer Marketing

Look for the top influencers in your niche, this could be authors, reviewers, or mini celebs in your industry. Start building a relationship with them, join their groups, comment on their posts, and build a connection. Share what you’re doing with them, and offer value upfront. You can offer to share their post on your site, or give a mention on your social media to help them out. In return, they can link to you on their site or shout out to your pages on their social media. Each of these links is some of the highest quality available, and no money will buy them.

You can get more information from people like Influencers Marketing Hub that are focused on this kind of work.

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Social Media Marketing

You should already have social media with links that point back to your website. Now, expand this network by connecting to other social media accounts, joining groups, and sharing more online. The more you share, the more high-quality links are pointing back to your site. When other people share your great content, or you make an excellent post in a group, it will invite even more shares and links right back to your site.

No secret here, schedule and strategize your social media accounts or let us do the work for you!

5 - Future of SEO

With the new Google BERT update, Google's algorithm has changed once again. This time their advanced machine learning algorithm can detect natural patterns in people's searches. They look for natural language so your content should read how people speak.

The more you answer genuine questions, talk to your audience in a natural human way, and focus on giving value, the better your SEO will become. Create content that invites sharing and brings people together.

When people love and share your content, Google will know. They track how long people stay on the page, how the article reads for a human, and how much attention it gets on social media. Everything is at play now, so the better your content is, the more you’ll rank in the search engines.


The world of SEO has changed a lot, but the fundamentals still stay the same. If you keep adding better, more sharable content, and you follow the fundamental building blocks of SEO, then you’ll keep rising up the ranks in google.

And as always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to let us know!


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