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Entering the Japanese market

Doing business in Japan: Where to start?

So you decided you want to do business in Japan? Very well.You are certainly right to do so as: Japanese people have high purchasing power Japanese people focus in quality over price: they are not scared to pay a high price for something proven to be worth. What can be

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most popular social media in japan

Most popular social media in Japan in 2021

Which one should you be using for your business? So, you finally decided to move on and to conquer the Japanese market for your business? Conquer the Japanese Market! Get a series of FREE emails that will tell you everything you need to know to succeed in the Japanese market.No

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people waiting for the red bus to pass

Is Out-Of-Home advertising back in business?

If you are interested in promoting your business in 2021, you might know (we hope!) that data driven campaigns are more powerful than traditional advertising where guessing and approximations are kings. Remember that what makes Digital Advertising so amazing in the 21st century is the control you have over results.To

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good commercials to analyze

Casio G-Shock X Bonsai: Short Commercial Analysis #1

Hello everyone! Today we start a new series: Short Commercial Analysis.We will be analyzing creative commercial, their message and why they are brilliant. Today: Casio G-Shock x Bonsai! Commercial Analysis So, you are Casio and your G-Shock collection is already worldwide famous for their durability. Yet, your new G-Shock MR-G

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youtube promotion services

YouTube Vs. Blog Posts for businesses

YouTube or blog posts. Which one should you focus on to grow traffic on your business? Let’s have a talk about the Pros and Cons of each mean! Creating content It might be obvious for some but more obscure for others: you need to create content. Ads are great to

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geofencing marketing

Geofencing Marketing by The North Face: Case Study #12

Geofencing marketing, quite a fancy name for this marketing strategy. For this long-awaited case study, we will explain the concept behind the geofencing marketing with the successful case of the North Face, an outdoor clothing company. They successfully increase the traffic to their local stores by using ads that will

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