Casio G-Shock X Bonsai: Short Commercial Analysis #1

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Hello everyone! Today we start a new series: Short Commercial Analysis.
We will be analyzing creative commercial, their message and why they are brilliant.

Today: Casio G-Shock x Bonsai!

Commercial Analysis

So, you are Casio and your G-Shock collection is already worldwide famous for their durability.

Yet, your new G-Shock MR-G has unlimited battery thanks to its integrated solar panel.
How can you explain a concept without stating boring facts?

  • Do a review video
  • Stating the improvements
  • Present a real life situation through a visually-appealing commercial

Obviously, Casio went for the last idea. In the commercial, you can see a bonsai growing for a period of 3 months with a G-shock stuck inside.
The time lapse is quite impressive but more important, it conveys ideas:

  • Durability: the watch resisted the pressure of the Bonsai with no visible problem.
  • Unlimited battery: the new solar energy seems to work great as the watch never stopped during the 3 months to make this commercial.
  • Eco-friendly: the fusion of the tree with the watch is here to convey the idea that Casio is not doing watches harmful for the environment but working in harmony with.

What can be learned?

Like Casio it is important to convey your message, here that the new G-Shock is durable and has unlimited battery, but you also need to offer one or the other following concept:

entertaining concept and/or learning material

People will not pay attention to your commercials because you simply explain things but because they will enjoy it.
Here, the bonsai evolution is fascinating to watch and indirectly you will be amazed by the G-Shock surviving within the Bonsai.

Convey a message, think differently.

That’s it for today we will continue proposing video analysis for you to understand important marketing points that you can use for your own brand.

If not, we can also help you with your marketing material. Have a look at our services or contact us for any enquiry!

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