YouTube Vs. Blog Posts for businesses

YouTube or blog posts. Which one should you focus on to grow traffic to your business? Let's have a talk about the Pros and Cons of each mean!

Creating content

It might be obvious for some but more obscure for others: you need to create content. Ads are great to bring traffic to your website, yet, they are what they are, ads.
By relying only on ads you might lose potential non-ad-friendly customers that would have been important to grow your activity.
Furthermore, if your budget is tight, ads might not be a good solution as you will have to test several campaigns for weeks or months to get results and break-even...
Creating meaningful content for your audience will get them interested in what you offer and potentially will convert them into customers.

The true benefit of content creation is its low cost compared to advertising, the value perceived by the target audience compared to ads, and finally, the recurrent traffic to your business from short to long term.

So which one to choose?

Why choose YouTube?

Right away many people will tell you to go create YouTube videos. Actually, it might not be a wrong idea!

Getting visibility on YouTube will allow your brand to get a great advantage compared to traditional businesses that are not or are poorly represented on the platform.
Having videos with the right keywords will get you the right audience one step closer to your business.
Also, as the second most used website in the world (after Google itself), people will be more willing to check your content there than on your own website.
Finally, compared to a written article, you can make good use of different senses. You can use audio and video to tell a story that will get to your viewers.

Yet, you need to wonder why many businesses are failing on Youtube or not even trying.
The reason is simple: you need to create GREAT content to be visible, like any other Youtuber.
Just posting videos promoting your services will not do. You need to offer:

  • entertaining content
  • self-sufficient video (you can tease that you can offer more somewhere else but you should not lie about what is offered in your video)
  • regular content posted on a right schedule
  • target the right keywords
  • content that drives engagement (Youtube works on content in which people will be liking, sharing, and commenting)

This is hard work. YouTube is not an easy-to-grow channel anymore. Getting a successful YouTube channel will definitely bring a lot of visibility to your business but you need to understand that it is quite time-consuming. Also, you need to properly understand what people are searching for and when! Posting a video at the wrong time might kill your start (you should definitely schedule your content here).
Using the wrong title, thumbnail and description might also kill your video by not being visible to the right audience (keyword optimization is critical).
For all this, we can help you, with scheduling, tracking, and improving your ranking on specific search terms. (You can contact us here)
Or you can start by yourself through the Keyword explorer of Google for example!

Here are some examples:

Funny ad for the Dollar Shave Club to explain their product.
Funny and short learning Photography hacks by Peter Mckinnon. Indirectly, presenting his skills as a talented Photographer.
Neil Patel offers free advice on SEO and showcases his skills as a professional and trusted Marketer.

Why choose Blog Posts?

Yes, why?? Seems YouTube is cooler than blog posts to create content. Indeed it is, but traditional blog posting has its own advantages:

  • it requires fewer efforts and time to generate content through blog posts than through video.
    ==> NB: I personally do both and it usually takes me 1-2 hours to write an article like this one while a 5 min video takes me 5-8 hours!
  • You don't need to focus on timing to publish your content.
  • Are you shy? No worries! You don't need to show your face!
  • Your content will be on your own website so your readers will be one step closer to anything you want to offer.
  • Your website ranking on Google and other search engines will be positively impacted by your blog posts.
  • You can more easily promote other pages/services of your website through a blog post than through YouTube.

Blog posts fit well with one of the most important aspects of owning a website: Search Engine Optimization
Advertising your website is really great, getting your website visible with no ads, that's better!
Well, to be fair, you will still need ads to get the right audience at the right place but good content will get you this audience that doesn't want to follow your ad links or didn't even know they needed your services!

PPC campaigns and SEO campaigns mixed well together and you should definitely give a shot to both to grow your visibility.

So what about YouTube vs Blog Posting?

Do both YouTube videos AND Blog Posts!

Obviously, doing one will not stop you to do the other one.
Even better, if you have an already written article, you can create a video based on this content to attract a different audience.
And vice versa, if you have videos explaining some concepts why not write them down as blog posts for your website?

At the end of the day, it is just a story of time. If you have time to do it, just do it (hello Nike!). If not, try to figure out which one will bring more to your business than the other.

How do you do that?

Figure out if your audience will be more willing to search you on Google/ read articles/ search for your services or they will be more interested in meaningful content on videos and might convert later as customers.

You decide. 😉

See you soon!
KD Team

Also, we can support your efforts to grow both ways. Just tell us what you need!

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