Online Advertising: Facebook or Google Ads?

Google or Facebook Ads? Which one to choose? If you are starting to promote your business online it might be hard to decide which platform is the best for your business.Obviously, there are more advertising platforms out there but we will focus, today, on the biggest ones.So, without waiting longer, here are the Pros and […]

4 Tips To Help You Plan Your Facebook Marketing Strategy For 2019

Learn how Facebook marketing has changed over the past few years and how your 2019 strategy will be affected by those changes. For Facebook, 2018 was truly a “banner” year, along with the brand using the platform for their marketing. The major algorithm change made by Facebook during early 2019, followed by more than 5,000 […]

Which Social Media Platform Is Right For Your Brand In Japan

When you talk about Japanese social media, it can be hard to come with clear ideas on where to start.While social media can be hard to navigate no matter which country you are operating in, in Japan, it can be tremendously challenging to navigate the social media realm. On this article, I will explore for […]

4 Game-Changing Social Media Marketing Trends In 2019

Social media marketing has come a long way in the last couple of years especially in 2018. And this is not about to stop in 2019 and might actually happen at a faster pace. In fact, according to a survey conducted by The Digital Information Worlds, 28% of respondents have either utilized social commerce or […]